The Junior Warden’s Page

So, in Honor of the upcoming celebration for our very first president, George Washington, on the 22nd of February. I recently came across a write up in the Harris’ Farmer’s Almanac, 2024.  Entitled: The Other Washington Monument. This little known monument was built July 4th, 1827. I was ravaged by time, vandals and nature. In 1936, the C.C.C., the Civilian Conservation Corps, (under Bro. Roosevelt,) restored the tower to it’s original 19th century design , with e railing around the top. It stands 34 feet tall, and is shaped like an old milk bottle. This would be your masonic education, brief though it is, it is timely and most pertinent.

Thank you.

Bro. Julian, J.W. # 91. 

Ancient Free & Accepted Masons in Lafayette, Colorado